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沟通交流的英语演讲稿范文 篇1

  The world today is a very competitive place. Therefore, it is necessary to develop some skills to increase one’s chances of success. Many skills, for example, leadership, a second language, and technical skills such as computer programming, are very useful today. However, I believe that the most useful skill is the ability to communicatewell with others.

  It is impossible to overstate the importance of good communication skills. In today’s society we have to work cooperatively with others. A good communicator finds it easier to put forth his ideas clearly. In this way there will be fewer misunderstandings, which can lead to bad feelings as well as lost time and effort. In addition, a person with good communication skills is a good mediator and negotiator. He or she can play a valuable role in resolving disputes and enhancing cooperation. This means that a good communicator is often a natural leader. Finally, with good communication skills, it is easier to persuade others to accept your point of view. Having your views and plans approved of by others is a vital step on the way to success.

  For all the above reasons, it is my belief that strong communication skills are the most important to have. Good communication is important in all situations, so a skillful communicator will always be in high demand. From joozone.

沟通交流的英语演讲稿范文 篇2

  How to Make a Successful Intercultural Communication?

  With the development of global cooperation and frequent world-wide activities, people can't help involving in intercultural communications. However, due to the distinction of their cultural background, sense of worth and languages, it's uneasy to make the communication smooth and successful.

  There're several suggestions on how to make the intercultural communication carry the point. On the one hand, it's quite useful to learn some information on their culture, language and customs in advance, which will help you avoid embarrassment and miscomprehension while contacting others. For example, Japanese businessmen usually will behave more implicitly than Americans in the process of commercial negotiation. Knowing about this, you probably will negotiate with them in a different style. On the other hand, people should respect the customs of the opposing party and get rid of prejudice and stereotype. Of course, if your actions offend other people unwittingly, you'd better say apology and correct your behavior in time.

  A successful intercultural communication is not only beneficial to improve bilateral relations but also could enhance understanding between nations. So we should work together to make it.

沟通交流的英语演讲稿范文 篇3






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