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英语的自我介绍优秀 篇1

  my name is . i am graduate from senior high school andmajor in . there are people in my family. my father puter company. and my mother is a houselearning. but i think pc games could motivate me to learn something such asenglish or japanese.my favorite course is english because i think it isinteresting to say one thing via different sounds. i senior high school and major inenglish. i started learning english since i municating e english clubs or institutes. i used to goapoad for a short- term english study. during that time, i learned a lot ofdaily life english and saetimes i surf theinternet and doputer technology because i aminterested in both of the subjects. maybe one day i could combine both of themand apply to my research in the future.

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇2

  Good afternoon,teachers.

  I am very glad to be here for this interviee from Weifang, a beautiful city of Shandong Province. I graduated from Commercial College in July, 20xx and major in finance. Then, I then on, I have dabbled in more and more theoretical plishment in my major, at least, a stable basis.

  Personally, for today‘s China, the first task to the development of Marxism is a process of construction. That’s to say, the aspect of construction and development of social society. Only munist Party at the college.

  After my graduation in June 20xx,I pany.I got a position in the Technology Department the first year and I puter Center in Mathmatics Department in Zhengzhou University. Oer Prize in the year 20xx. The next year, I er Department, responsible for the Developing and strengthening a good relationship beters and my company .Ters, Henan Provincipal Department of Transportation and Henan Provincial Department of Personnel, are under my work.

  However,with time going on ,the more I experienced, the clearer I realized that I'm really interested in the Enterprise Management .I find many enterprises have the problem of an unmatched management to its developing speed . I'm eager to learn more about management and I hope I can study further in this University. So I resigned in August , 20xx and started the way to pursuing my studies. After about half year's hard work, I'm finally standing before you honorable professors now. I'm really excited .

  Though I've sacrificed much on my way to pusuing studies, I believe it's worthwhile. I believe working hard will finally be repaied .Thank you !

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇3

  after completing my military service, i have been looking for a challenginggoal for me to achieve. and i found that the intermediate of general englishproficiency test fits my ne taipei commercial junior college, majored in businessadministration. instead of spending much time in playing, i devoted myself to mystudies and paid attention to all meaningful things happened in daily life. bythe mr. e appropriate suggestions toward myproblem confusion.

  my father is, in the same way, a good consultant to me. as he said: i am inpoor education, little for you; to clarify, what he have given is far beyond hiswords, i do think so. i was born in a country of ping tung country, farming isour career of generations. there are four people in my family, mother ishousewife and my pother is a student of an agriculture college.

  i am optimistic and active, and i am confident that i can pass the test.thank you for your precious to read my autobiography.

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇4



  Hello everybody.My name is (Lily) .Im (twenty )years old. I live in (beijing)。I very love English. I read English every day. I yell English every day, My favorite sports are tennis and swim.

  I play tennis all the time since I'm a child. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. We are all interested in English. My parents want me to be an English teacher when I graduate. I hope we can be friends.let's help each other from now.

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇5

  Good morning !

  Now i will introduce myself briefly.I am years old,born in province .I was graduated from university. my major is .and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 20xx.I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.

  In July 20xx, I begin work for as a technical support engineer in Guangzhou city. Because I'm capable of more responsibilities, so I decided to change my job.Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging.Morover is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.


  早上好!现在我将简要介绍一下我自己我今年* *岁,出生在* *省。我毕业于* *大学。我的专业是* *。我毕业后,我得到了我的学士学位在20xx年。我花大部分时间在学习上,我已经通过了CET4/6。我对我的专业的基础知识有了在我的学校的时间。

  20xx年7月,我开始工作,* *作为技术支持工程师在广州的`城市。因为我有能力担负起更多的责任,所以我决定改变我的工作。因为我想改变工作环境,我想找一个更具挑战性的工作。分别* *是一个全球性的公司,所以我觉得我可以获得最多的工作在这种公司环境。这就是为什么我来这里竞争这个职位。我认为我是一个良好的团队合作精神,我一个人的伟大的诚实给别人。我能在巨大压力下工作。

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇6

  How do you do! The teacher the classmates, you know me? Let me introduce myself to you! My name is Ye Junlin, this year 12 years old, in grade five, in the experimental primary school, my hair is black, a pair of watery eyes, round face, a nose on a myopia glasses.

  There are three in my family, father, mother and me. I was a character lively, who love helping people, one time, with an eraser, I can't find it, she was anxious to cry up, I will go to help her find, I haven't found, looking for one last look in her own bag, finally with a smile. Another advantage is that I love work, at school, I help grandpa close, close the window; At home, I help my mother clean the floor, mop the floor, wipe the door, window.

  I am a clever boy, like reading, playing computer, drawing, now is my specialty. , of course, I also have shortcomings, that is to listen carefully in class is not serious enough, on one occasion, the teacher give us homework, but I was in the play, and didn't hear the teacher assigned homework, wait until to go home, a thought, homework don't know. Has a drawback, that is, love to sleep late, every morning, mom called me several times, I was able to rise.

  I was determined, in the new semester, get rid of these bad habits, listen carefully in class, don't stray, don't do little affectations, seriously finish the homework on time, form the good habit of getting up early, please the teacher and the classmates cheer for me!

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇7

  Good morning, dear is my honor to have the opportunity for this interview.

  First of all, let me introduce myself briefly. My name is melanie, with 22 years old. I was born in Huzhou, a city near to TaiHu lake, north of ZheJiang provice. Perhaps some traditional culture atmosphere, that gives me some steady personal characters and a meticulous work attitude.

  To be a doctor is my dream when I was a child. So I selected the major of clinical medicine four years ago, without any hesitations. I know it's very hard to be an excellent doctor with clinical medicine, however I never regret my selection.I like these words written by a doctor in her blog"I'm not an angle, but I hope I need a heart like angle; I can't save all dying people, but I'm willing to give wings to the patients ,helping them recovering". To realize my dream, in the past four years, I am studying and practising hard, helping me lay a solid theoretical foundation, and improving my clinical competence. Beside, I have the propose improving my overall quality, looking at things in a stride way and getting up the responsibilities on my shoulder. In the past four years, I pass the CET 4 and 6, and win the siyuan scholarship and "outstanding student " every academic year.

  Finally, I want to say I'm an aggressive man .I always believe that one will easily lay behind unless he keeps on learning in this competitive modern world. Of course, if I am given a chance for advanced studies in this famous University, I believe I would never fail your expectation. I'll try my best to study and learn from both theories and practices so as to cultivate myself to be experienced and skilled. And I am a person easy to get alone. I think not only do I have the ability to accomplish a task alone, but also can I get well alone with others.

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇8

  I am a third year master major in automation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P. R. China. With tremendous interest in Industrial Engineering, I am writing to apply for acceptance into your Ph.D. graduate program.

  In 1995, I entered the Nanjing University of Science & Technology (NUST) -- widely considered one of the China’s best engineering schools. During the following undergraduate study, my academic records kept distinguished among the whole department. I was granted First Class Prize every semester,In 1999, I got the privilege to enter the graduate program waived of the admission test.

  At the period of my graduate study, my overall GPA(3.77/4.0) ranked top 5% in the department. In the second semester, I became teacher assistant that is given to talented and matured students only. This year, I won the Acer Scholarship as the one and only candidate in my department, which is the ultimate accolade for distinguished students endowed by my university. Presently, I am preparing my graduation thesis and trying for the honor of Excellent Graduation Thesis.

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇9


  My name k you for giving me a chance for the interview.

  My basic materials are on the resume, do not need to explain it again。I will make a brief introduce on my job advantage and my value here.

  Working on administrative jobs for many years make me realize the importance of the secretarial job deeply. I like the job very much.

  In my opinion, the secretarial jobs are common but very representes the image of a company. If someone want to do will in a job ,he or she must posesses a extreme strong sense of responsibility .

  I am willing to accompany with your company's development and progress. Your trust and my capability will bring us success ! Thanks!

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇10














英语的自我介绍优秀 篇11

  You are writing your first letter to your pen pal, introducing yourself, telling her that you will visit her country during the summer vacation, and suggesting that you go to see Hesu. Dear Su, how did I get your name and address from international pen pals? I'm glad to write to you. We become pen pals.

  I'm now an English teacher at Shanghai Onlytoya College. I graduated from Shanghai Foreign Studies University Major in English literature and linguistics. I like playing erhu (a Chinese instrument) and listening to pop music.

  I'm also interested in traveling. Oh, yes, I'm a good bargainer - this summer, I'm going to Australia, and I'm going to attend a conference in Sydney on behalf of my college. From July to the end of the meeting, I plan to visit Australia if you have If you're free, maybe five more days.

  I'll be happy to meet you. Maybe we can have lunch together. Well, let me finish.

  I can't wait to hear from your first letter. Please tell me about yourself and your interests. I hope we can be true friends, gokenny.



英语的自我介绍优秀 篇12

  I am very happy to introduce myself here.I was born in Liaoning Province.I graduated from Nankai University and majored in International Trade. I like music and reaing books,especially economical books. It is my honor to apply this job. I hope I can realise my dream in our company.Please give me a chance.Thank you very much

  it is my great pleasure to introduce myself.i was born in LIAONING. My major is international trade. I was graduated in Nankai University. My hobby lies in the music and reading, especially like economics.

  i am glad that i can take part in this interview and i am sincerely hope that i can join this company to realize my dream. please give my a chance. Thank you.



英语的自我介绍优秀 篇13

  I am linjiang. I was born in jilin changchun. I graduate from Henan University of Urban Construction. I started learning English since I was 15 years old.My father is a farmer . And my mother is a housewife. I am the youngest one in my family. My brother have a lot of American friends. That’s why I have no problem communicating with Americans or others by speaking English.

  In my spare time, I like to do anything relating to English such as listening to English songs, watching English movies or TV programs, or even attending the activities held by some English clubs or institutes. I used to go University for a short- term English study. During that time, I learned a lot of daily life English and saw a lot of different things.

  I think language is very interesting. I could e=press one substanceby using different sounds. So I wish I could study and read more English enlarge my knowledge.

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇14

  My name is Helen, gender: female, 17 years old this year, is now a senior student. I don't like excellent students often get the praise, school certificates, can only watch others from the hand of the teacher brought a testimonials, oneself can only envy in your heart, my image in the eyes of the teacher just listen carefully in class, hand in your homework on time good student, but I also have their own life and personality, I am not afraid of other people's eyes, I am who I am. I, loud, don't want to go with the flow, positive enterprising,. Dante said: "walk yourself's road, let others say go." I think only do yourself the most comfortable, do others too uncomfortable. Commercial slogan is well said: "I am my own, I do not imitate others, also not reproduce themselves" others better than himself? The meaning of the word "good" from ancient to present how many, who can give the best defined? Don't want to, oneself is the best.

  I, loud. Once when I was at grade, because of my loud, some female students don't like me, friends call me, call me to do a lady. She also taught me how to do a lady: first, the behavior. Second, dressing. Third, have a meal, can't make a sound. Fourth, a small voice. I also can do the first two, but this after a few I can't, that is not my life. I don't want to be a lady, small voice, your near her special, and next to voice cannot too big, can hear her speak, just think how tired! Listen to lady. I don't think loud, this is my weakness, I think this is my advantage, the benefits of the loud voice: first. Loudly, other people beside you, not can't hear. Second, make a phone call is convenient, telephone you were away, others could hear you talking. Third, convenient to call, as long as it's not far away from the, you call him, he should be able to hear. The benefits of loud don't when the benefits of fair maiden more affordable. Until now, there are those who advised me as a lady, I think I am I, I don't want to change yourself.

  I don't want to go with the flow. In the American poet Robert frost "did not choose the road" wrote: "yellow two roads diverged in a wood, and it's a pity that I can't go into at the same time." "And I chose the one less traveled by, and that determines the way of my life from now on." Only into mass truly, truly, I became the ordinary people. I don't want to go to go other vulgar, been to the same vulgar life with others. In others peeping at the same time, also denies himself.

  I, proactive. Small I is a grain of sand, but he is not willing to lag behind. Ancient Chinese poet qu yuan chu said, "I see the road, I will search up and down." I am eager to towards the tower of art, culture of dian, not the flourishing age, leave a line of solid stability footprint.

  I am who I am.






英语的自我介绍优秀 篇15

  My name is Chinese name is . I am very glad to join you in this class.

  I just graduated from senior high school. I like Britain very much, so if I could study in Britain one day, I would be very happy. But my English is not very good now. So I’d like to improve my English in this class. And very glad to see our teacher Mr/Mrs .

  Thank you.

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇16

  Good afternoon teachers:

  I come from - - middle school and I am honored to stand here today to introduce myself to you.

  I am interested in a wide range of e-cellent results, personal resume template , specializes in science learning. I love sports. Love playing badminton, tennis, especially love football, from the sport of football I learned teamwork and hard struggle, won the first medals I had in the school sports meeting. I love science and technology, and have won prizes in various science and technology competitions.

  I love reading and painting, love to use words and brushes to pay attention to and depict life. In the sea hundred years anniversary of last year for the first time I enjoy sea charm, perhaps is the third into the sea because of campus learning, I also feel more sea culture. My personality perseverance does not give up, whether in learning or in life, I will stick to your belief, hard struggle and struggle.

  I believe that in the future, I will by virtue of their own efforts, carry forward the "air sea Tun goods mechanical e-cellence" spirit, dedication of their own strength in the sea of brilliant new century.

  Above is my self introduction, thank you!

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇17

  Hello,everyone.My name is ________.I'm from China.I'm 13 years old.Now I'm a primary student at Sunshine primary school.I like making friends with my classmates,so I think friendship is very important for me.

  I also like learning English and playing the piano.It's very interesting for me to do that,I think.My teachers often says that I'm a pretty beautiful girl,because I often have good grades in the exams.In a word,I'm proud of myself!

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇18

  Good morning, my name is kongdemeng. it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a speech, Now I will introduce myself briefly .I am 20 years old. and I am jining y I want to talk about "what is real beauty "

  It is human nature that all of us should be fond of beauty. Everybody was born with a heart for beauty. most of people may think that the real beauty is the people's appearance or rather the outward beauty .

  As we all know, so far as objects and animals are concerned, there is only beautiful appearance to be mentioned, but to us human beings, although the outward beauty really matters, the inner beauty is much more important.

  In my opinion, we shouldn't only pay attention to beautiful appearance and neglect the beautification of the mind. and we should focus on the inner beauty. As the famous person said ": A person is not lovely for being beautiful but beautiful for being lovely."

  That’s all k you!

英语的自我介绍优秀 篇19

  Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. My name is Li Ming. I come from Chang Chun, the capital of Ji Lin Province. I will graduate from Department of Finance of Ji Lin University in the coming June.

  I am open-minded, quick in thought and very fond of traveling. In my spare time, I have broad interests like many other youngsters. I like reading books, especially those about Chinese history. Frequently I exchange with other people by making comments in the forum on line. In addition, during my college years, I was once a Net-bar technician. So, I have a good command of network application.

  I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning. Of course, if I am given a chance to further my education in this famous University, I will spare no effort to master the latest knowledge in my field and make good preparation for my future profession.

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